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About Us

The history of rawls construction

Experienced. Tested. Diligent. And in love with our craft. That describes every member of our team here at Rawls Construction Inc., your aspiring artisans, and masters of the crafts of home renovation and construction.

Our company has worked on numerous different projects across California, specializing in commercial and residential development and construction, luxury home renovation, and custom home projects. With multiple decades of combined experience building homes on Californian land, there is no challenge or project outside of our scope.

And that is only due to our history, values, and vision as a business. The home services we provide require a great deal of passion for the crafts of building and remodelling, and we take it upon ourselves to hire and train team members who share that same passion.


Established in 2008, Rawls Construction Inc. has its roots in a family tradition of construction and craftsmanship. Owner and general contractor Jason Rawls began learning the basics of general construction in his early teen years, under his father.

After spending nearly a decade working on site after site, Mr. Rawls had a chance encounter with the first man who would mentor him in the ways of home remodelling, retrofitting, carpentry, and millwork, as well as the construction elements of framing, foundation work, and structural steel, teaching him aspire towards artisanry and perfection.

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Over the years, Mr. Rawls continued to receive the gift of knowledge in the fields of home remodelling from countless people, who freely shared their own experiences, and helped shape his understanding of not just home renovation and construction, but of quality craftsmanship, project management, a rigorous work ethic, the pride of a tradesman, and the importance of passing it all on.

These experiences ultimately led to the founding of Rawls Construction Inc., with the intention to carry on a legacy of mentorship, a good work ethic, impeccable quality, and respect for the craft.



At Rawls Construction Inc., people come first and foremost. Our staff members are a family, and every one of us joined the crew with the intention of honing our abilities, and fulfilling our potential as craftsmen, craftswomen, and aspiring artists. We believe in the importance of a healthy and cooperative work culture and believe that investing in people is key.

We also value our clients! Construction, renovation, and remodelling are cooperative jobs, in more ways than one. Our clients provide us with their vision for a better, brighter home, and we make those visions come true. Ensuring that our clients are more than satisfied is a top priority for our business.


Fostering a love for the craft. Encouraging a never-ending approach to learning. The pursuit of perfection. And taking care of our great family. Our vision for the company is to continue to be more than just another construction company.

We aim to exemplify the best of the construction industry, representing a team of proud craftsmen and craftswomen, and a place where talent is not just appreciated, but brought to full bloom. You can never go wrong when hiring Rawls Construction Inc. for the job.


Why Choose Us

It’s not just another project for us. It’s your home. Your business. Your passion. We share that passion. At Rawls Construction Inc., we help you turn your passion for your space into a practical and living reality. Our team members are methodical and detail-oriented, and we translate those qualities into every step of the construction process – from pre-construction services to the last day of execution. Get in touch with us to get started today! Located in Thousand Oaks and serving all Southern California.