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Senior Project Supervisor

With 53 years of living behind him, Doug has dedicated the greater half to construction of some sort. He gave up a life of pursuing music to work in construction. Doug was born in Philly and started a touring band as a young man. When the tours expanded to the West Coast in 1994, Doug and his now wife fell in love with California’s weather and social diversity; they bought a house in 2001 and never left. Doug now works as the Construction Superintendent for Rawls Construction. His favorite part of the job is getting involved in the details and seeing the vision all the way through.

Quality is very important to him and reminds his comrades of what is important: “don’t be an i-don’t-care-bear”. Doug has always dreamed of building a house from the ground up, and although he wants to shy away from being the guy with many hats, working for Rawl’s as the number two guy is putting him on his way to fulfilling this dream of his. He also spends his Sundays continuing to pursue music, but instead of shredding for a rock band, he is teaching about Jesus through song at his Church’s Sunday School. When he isn’t working, he is off adventuring with his wife and twin daughters; everything from camping to music making to axe throwing, Doug encourages experiencing the world through doing.

"Doug is the epitome of dad jokes. His good mood is contagious ! His kind heart compassion can't be contained. I love to pick his brain because he has a wealth of information trapped in that brain of his. Being close in age with my own parents, he reminds me a lot of my dad".

- Ashley Cascio